Chilean Postdoctoral Research Associate Grant Application

Mié, 10/05/2017 - 14:05

Chilean Postdoctoral Research Associate Grant Application 

(FONDECYT Postdoctoral 2018)


The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile ( is seeking for dynamic, innovative, self-motivated, candidates interested to apply to the Chilean Postdoctoral Research Associate Grant Application  (FONDECYT Postdoctoral 2018).  Those interested should have ability to work under multicultural setting and ability to form part of an interdisciplinary team. Intermediate or advanced knowledge of the Spanish Language will be desirable, but not essential. 


The National Fund for Scientific and Technological Research (FONDECYT), was created as an instrument to promote scientific and technological development in Chile. This entity fosters the initiative of individuals and research groups by funding scientific and technological research projects in all fields of knowledge. Resources are allocated through annual public competitions and projects are selected on the basis of their intrinsic quality and the merits of applicants without, distinction of fields, institutional affiliation or gender. 


The aim of the Postdoctoral Research Associate Grant is to stimulate productivity and future scientific leadership of young researchers who hold a Doctorate degree with a view to their employment in academia or other areas, through their incorporation into consolidated research groups that will influence the scientific development of the postdoctoral candidate and that will also be strengthened by his/her participation in the group. 
The projects will last 2 or 3 years and the Principal Investigator (Post-doc) must declare a full- time commitment to the research work. However, its execution is compatible with other paid academic, research and/or outreach activities.  The projects must be executed in Chile, by Chilean or foreign researchers who commit themselves to remain in the country for the entire duration of the Project.  However, it is possible to conduct part of the research (up to 12 months) abroad.


The competition is addressed to researchers who have obtained his/her doctorate as of January 1, 2014 or later. The application process starts approximately late June every year. The grant will cover salary for approximately US$30400 /year (amount for 2017 call) and a stipend of approximately US$6700 for operation or traveling. The proposal has to be sponsored by a local Researcher at our University, who also commit budget to fund the project.


The aspects to be evaluated are: quality of the proposal, feasibility and scientific productivity, which considers a maximum of ten publications (articles in journals, books and/or book chapters) accepted, in press or published.


At this time, we are seeking for candidates interested to apply to the Chilean Postdoctoral Research Associate Grant in any of the following areas of research present in our Faculty:


  1. Animal Sciences Department (“Ciencias Animales”) specializes in the study of the metabolism, physiology, nutrition, reproduction and production systems of animal species for the manufacture of foods such as cattle (cattle for milk and meat), sheep (sheep for milk, meat and by-products), poultry (eggs and meat), salmon and native species, among others.
  2. Department of Horticulture and Crop Science (“Ciencias Vegetales”) focuses its research on the production of annual and herbaceous crops; genetic improvement and plant biotechnology, plant genomics and crop protection (plant pathology, entomology and weed science). Our research also includes ornamental plants and green areas, technology for the production of seeds and the conservation and biological use of native flora.
  3. Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (“Economía Agraria”) specializes in the management of agro-industrial business (management control, human resources management, logistics and operations), marketing of products (marketing, foreign trade), design of business strategies (strategic planning, business development), agriculture and economic policy (macroeconomics, economic development) and economic management of natural resources (environmental management, natural resource economics).
  4. Department of Ecosystems and Environment (“Ecosistemas y Medio ambiente”) focuses in the training and development of knowledge in the sustainable management of natural resources in agricultural and forestry systems. Our research programs center on the management of agroforestry systems that include all its components such as community, wildlife, ecosystem services of agroforestry systems, forest plantations and biotic components in urban systems in a dynamic context of global change and territory.
  5. Department of Fruticulture and Enology (“Fruticultura y Enología”) specializes in the study of fruit production, viticulture and enology. Its research and teaching is focused on the study of the vine, including from the processes of production of table grapes; wine production. Deciduous and persistent leaf fruit trees; Pest management practices; diseases; fertilization; Genetic improvement and irrigation for different fruit species.



If you are interested, please contact the Graduate office of our Faculty:

Marlene Rosales ( and Ximena Alvarez G. ( who will help you contacting the Researcher /Professor in the area of your interest.