Call for applications for the summer school in Frankfurt/ Main

Mié, 14/02/2018 - 11:26

Specially for you, the DAAD and four German universities are organizing four different summer schools in 2018 to give you the opportunity to come to Germany for a training course during your master/ PhD studies.
The universities are offering special training programmes complementing your academic qualification. This is a great opportunity for you to be part of a summer school with international students.

There will be the following four offers:

HAW Hamburg (June 2018): “Education And Research oriented Training in Health Sciences 2018”

University of Heidelberg (August 2018): “Enhancing Academic Qualifications in Teaching and Research in Public Health 2018”

University of Leipzig (September 2018): “Project development for knowledge transfer 2018”

University of Frankfurt (September 2018): “Geo Training 2018: Training Program on Environmental and Remote Sensing Data Analysis via Geospatial Technologies in Research and Teaching”

Scholarship holders who have already participated in one of the summer schools in 2017 are not eligible for this year. It is not possible to apply for another summer school in 2018.


  1. Offer Hamburg (June 2018): Application deadline 15th of February 2018

With this e-mail we are sending the call for application from the HAW Hamburg “Education And Research oriented Training in Health Sciences 2018”.

For further information please refer to the attached document and on the website (
If you have any questions regarding the summer school in Hamburg, please do not hesitate to contact the HAW Hamburg (


Over the next few weeks (until beginning of February 2018) you will receive the remaining three calls for application for the other summer schools. S
Some of the summer schools are open for all disciplines, others are limited to special fields only. Therefore, please read the calls for application carefully. 

We will also inform your home institutions about these summer school opportunities, asking them to support your application.

Should you be interested in one of the summer school opportunities, please feel free to contact the host university directly regarding questions and additional information.
Kindly send your application to the responsible university and not to DAAD offices. The respective contact details/e-mail addresses of the universities can be found in the calls.

The host university is responsible for the selection of the participating students. The selection committee is composed of professors and training course responsibles.

Applications for different summer schools are possible, if you are interested in the topics. However, please be informed that is only possible to participate in one summer school.

We hope this summer school opportunity has roused your interest and look forward to your applications.